April 2016 new design work

Date Posted:19 April 2016 

New Designs & Artwork April 2016

Days have been busy drawing, putting drawings onto jersey templates, posting for the big vote offs -lots of 'likes' on FB means the design mockup will go into production. It's a democratic process - 'the people' vote the designs in. We have many new designs in production and many more yet to show for the vote.

There are sample products arriving every day which have to be measured, checked, worn & tested and feedback given. Today some winter cycling jackets with wind proof sections on the front, shoudlers and arms. Tee shirt strike-offs - the prints on fabric or tees arrive and have to be commented upon -letting the screen printer know whether they're good - or what has to be fixed. Size and position checked.


















I sent off more files to our factory today for some winged Cycling Jerseys based on the drawing above called 'Free Flight' (pictured below) & these will be sampled asap. Then I will post some designs with the feather drawings I did a couple of weeks ago. I will start a new drawing this afternoon.












The feather drawings below I have made into a repeat pattern and will post the various jersey designs this week and we'll see if it appeals to our customers and which colourway they prefer.


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