Date Posted:22 June 2016 

June, winter, wet, dark & cold in Sydney.

My rides start and finish in the dark. This morning we ran in the dark with a full "strawberry moon". We have passed the winter equninox so we're already talking about summer! Yesterday I drew some new graphics for tee shirts and today I am drawing Dragon Scales out of bicycle chain links for a repeat or seamless pattern to go on cycling jerseys & bibs which I will design once the patterns is finished.

I have a friend with a Welsh background who asked me to design a Dragon jersey -so last week I drew the Dragon.

Another facebook friend has asked for an Inifinity design -so I will give that a go too.

We have had samples arriving of new cycling socks, both plain fluro colours with logos and printed patterns - going ahead with those, need 10 designs to send asap! I can't wait for new socks.

Winter Cycling Jackets: yesterday we had new samples and have to measure them to make sure they fit to our specs, try them on to make sure the fit is good. We had friends test initial samples so we know they're good. Due towards the end of the year.

Cycling Gilets: we saw the samples and they're beautiful. We made changes -moved the relfective tape from the centre -to the sides as we have printed them with our designs on the back & front -the reflective tape was cutting through the prints -distracting. A piece of reflective tape will go across the pockets - so there is enough 'glowing' going on. :) 

New Chamois samples arrived from Italy -they're all being sewn into bibs for me to test -I will be riding as many kms in these to make sure they're comfy, they're ALL 6 Hour+ chamois to go into a premium set of bibs which will be available later in the year. They'll be black to go with all jerseys/ jackets etc.

I will start designing cycling gloves soon and we will find someone to make us some good quality short fingered gloves first.....if they sell well winter gloves would follow.

There is a long cycle between deciding to begin a product, design it, find someone to make it, sample it, test & correct it....to production, shipping, photography, loading onto our website, promoting and selling it! Sorry for the wait -but we hope it's worth it.


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