Hands, Skulls, Scrolls & Stitches.

Date Posted:10 May 2016 

Last month I was flying through some beautiful new trails -on foot (no, no-one stole my bike :)) in some thick soled running shoes* I don't think are great for trail running and I tripped, falling heavily on rocks. Normally I can bounce back up and keep running but this time my running buddy looked ill, starting throwing bandages out of his backpack at me and said "it looks bad, Fatty". Luckily I had some ratty old bandaids which I used to pull the 10cm gash edges together but it was spraying blood every step and my knees were really banged up too.A 3km limping run back to the car, gritting my teeth, hours of waiting in a hospital to get it stitched up by a young doc(What're your embroidery skills like? Can you do some flowers? What thread color choice is there? I had black last time....)

Housebound, feeling morbid, morose & angry at myself for falling over I got stuck into a drawing I'd been wanting to do for ages inspired by a carved water buffalo skull my daughter bought overseas on our last holiday. I loved the ornate intracacy of the carving. I then drew up a whole lot of little drawings to accompany the main drawing to fill out the rest of a cycling jersey on the collar, sleeves, side panels etc. I can use the patterning for cycling caps & maybe some patterned socks....The 2nd drawing was supposed to be a background for the skull but ended up being nice enough to make a whole new jersey design based around the eagles.


After 10 days we pulled the stitches out. The joy once I'm back on the bike and running again is immense and each ride inspires new ideas. I did a batch of feathers - inspired by the feeling of freedom and flight on my bike and made a seamless pattern for more jerseys. A ride last weekend with an incredible sunrise and waving to cyclists inspired a whole batch of ideas about hands and cycling.....so today I finished a hand graphic below. I couldn't make up my mind about what to call it...it's about our future being written in our hands, palm reading, fortune telling.....grabbing life & a bike with both hands and RIDE LOTS (Thanks, Eddie). 


Each drawing usually inspires more ideas -and now I want to draw some paisley patterning made from bicycle parts....Paisley Park? I think I can work this into a cycling jersey too, with more hand designs as background patterning. I design matching bibs, knicks, caps, socks etc for each design but they go into folders until we see how each garment sells and if it does well we roll out more product with that design on it, in as many colourways as we want. Our design library is going to be immense!

*my fave trail running shoes are INOV8 X Talons and I have promised myself to never run with the massive soled chunky shoes with no grip on trails again. It is written. :)


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