Hardman Lance Hunt

You can't keep a good man -or woman down.

I've been sent so many inspirational stories of cyclists who overcome great odds to ride again...and again.

One is Lance Hunt, who after a car accident in which he fractured #1and #2 discs in his neck & also ruptured #5 (which he had replaced 10 months later) was back training on his bike in a halo brace for 20 weeks. He says "A man has to ride".

Now, he has have full movement in all his limbs and normally cycles 350 - 400kms per week .

Lance says cycling saved him 'At that time we estimated I had cycled 200,000 kms in my career. That silly position of cycling and looking up the road strengthened my neck. I was left on the planet to help other people, hence all the work I do as a fundraiser for Mental Health. After 11 months of trauma and operations I got very depressed and did not want to go back to work. So that is why I raise money for Mental Health (Barrier Breakers) a Gippsland, Victoria Not-for-profit group.


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