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Date Posted:4 March 2016 

New & exciting Cycling designs for tees, jerseys & kit.

This week I've drawn up new graphics -which we post on facebook to guage reaction. The ones that get great responses usually go onto a tee. Sometimes I think they're more suitable for jerseys or complete Kit. New samples arrive and have to be measured, worn & tested, washed to make sure everything is right re color fastness and shrinkage etc.

This week we got some new cycling cap samples which look & feel great. Yes, they're in production. :) This is the page where you see our current range of cycling caps.


We're also making the One tribe Kit (jerseys/bibs) for women in the next most popular colour we posted on Facebook, Aqua/Mint.

AND i'm in the process of finishing off another MTB graphic, laying out a DragonFLY jersey design (drawing below) and I'll paint up some abstract geometric designs for jerseys too.

Tomorrow is Saturday: a road trip up the coast to race a 4hour MTB event on new singletrack trails. Yipppee! New dirt. Happy Daze.

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