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I look forward to eating these on my bike rides and afterwards. Recipe ingredients : 300mls water, 2.5 teaspoons yeast, 3.5 cups of Wholemeal or Rye bread flour,2 tbsp dark brown sugar, 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, 1 Tbsp Mixed Spice. ... continue reading

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You can't keep a good man -or woman down. I've been sent so many inspirational stories of cyclists who overcome great odds to ride again...and again. One is Lance Hunt, who after a car accident in which he fractured #1and #2 discs in his neck & also ruptured #5 (which he had replaced 10 months later) was back training on his bike in a halo brace for 20 weeks. He says "A man has to ride". ... continue reading

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We have these really cool, black, neoprene bags which I use for everything . They're protective & tough so I use them to carry my Gopro & all it's gear when I travel or go anywhere. I use another for my Ayup bike lights with batteries etc. Another one is my makeup bag and a small one is for my contact lenses. They don't get dirty being black -but I have thrown the make up bag thru the wash quite a few times now -being neoprene they're kinda good in water! :) They dry quickly too. When I pack a bike bag to travel by plane I've used them to put my... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 23 January 2017  

I put in a leave form request months ago to have a cycling holiday, attending the Tour Down Under in Adelaide 2017 . The Cycology team thought it would be a great idea and give me LOTS of inspiration. So, I pushed the envelope asking if I could ride from Melbourne -along the Great Ocean Road & coast to Adelaide. 'Yeah!" they said. My two intrepid cycling buddies & I flew to Avalon airport, where we assembled our bikes and pedalled off with our first stop being Bunnings to get a new bolt for a stripped seatpost clamp. We were ridin... continue reading

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Author: sarina   Date Posted: 5 August 2016  

Cycling Addiction. Sometimes becomes fully blown 'Compulsive Bicycle Acquistion' (CBA) or N+1 (where N = current amount of bicycles owned). You start with one wonderful bike, which you adore, ride daily and fall in love with the whole cycling sport and lifestyle. At first you may say "this is the last bike I will ever buy, my one and only, it is the best bike ever and all I ever dreamed of owning. I will never buy or need another bike." You quickly come to realise many things: 1/ it's not light enough, it's not the latest, greatest design and technology and therefore you're not able to ride as fast as you SHOULD be..given your strength, fitness, talent, ability etc. 2/ it's not able to go on all the surfaces you would like to ride -whether it's track, road, dirt etc. 3/ you need different bikes for each and every different surface and type of event. I... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 22 June 2016  

June, winter, wet, dark & cold in Sydney. My rides start and finish in the dark. This morning we ran in the dark with a full "strawberry moon". We have passed the winter equninox so we're already talking about summer! Yesterday I drew some new graphics for tee shirts and today I am drawing Dragon Scales out of bicycle chain links for a repeat or seamless pattern to go on cycling jerseys & bibs which I will design once the patterns is finished. I have a friend with a Welsh background who asked me to design a Dragon jersey -so last week I drew the Dragon. Another facebook friend has asked for an Inifinity design -so I will give that a go too. We have had samples arriving of new cycling socks, both plain fluro colours with logos and printed... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 10 May 2016  

Last month I was flying through some beautiful new trails -on foot (no, no-one stole my bike :)) in some thick soled running shoes* I don't think are great for trail running and I tripped, falling heavily on rocks. Normally I can bounce back up and keep running but this time my running buddy looked ill, starting throwing bandages out of his backpack at me and said "it looks bad, Fatty". Luckily I had some ratty old bandaids which I used to pull the 10cm gash edges together but it was spraying blood every step and my knees were really banged up too.A 3km limping run back to the car, gritting my teeth, hours of waiting in a hospital to get it stitched up by a young doc(What're your embroidery skills like? Can you do some flowers? What thread color choice is there? I had black last time....) Housebound, feeling morbid, morose & angry at myself for falling over I got stuck into a drawing I'd been wanting to do for ages inspired by a carved wat... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 19 April 2016  

Days have been busy drawing, putting drawings onto jersey templates, posting for the big vote offs -lots of 'likes' on FB means the design mockup will go into production. It's a democratic process - 'the people' vote the designs in. We have many new designs in production and many more yet to show for the vote. There are sample products arriving every day which have to be measured, checked, worn & tested and feedback given. Today some winter cycling jackets with wind proof sections on the front, shoudlers and arms. Tee shirt strike-offs - the prints on fabric or tees arrive and have to be commented upon -letting the screen printer know whether they're good - or what has to be fixed. Size and position checked. ... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 4 March 2016  

This week I've drawn up new graphics -which we post on facebook to guage reaction. The ones that get great responses usually go onto a tee. Sometimes I think they're more suitable for jerseys or complete Kit. New samples arrive and have to be measured, worn & tested, washed to make sure everything is right re color fastness and shrinkage etc. This week we got some new cycling cap samples which look & feel great. Yes, they're in production. :) This is the page where you see our current range of cycling caps . We're also making the One tribe Kit (jerseys/bibs) for women in the next most popular... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 24 February 2016  

The inCOGnito range. At a meeting last month we talked about desgning a range of our good quality Cycology cycling jerseys , in beautiful Italian performance fabrics and finishes.....without our graphics. Jerseys that are understated and simple for cyclists who want to blend in & not stand out, one of the crowd, incognito. We have had customers ask for simple & small branding so we started with a simple black, blue and red. These jerseys will combine with our basic bibs and knicks, there are matching socks and caps in black & white - and it's all easy to combine, mix 'n match and always look stylish on and off your bike. As always, reflective strips are incorporated on the back of our jerseys for night visibilty. Simple, classical, well cut, comfortable performance gear. All you have to do is pedal. These are in pro... continue reading