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Author: sarina   Date Posted: 12 February 2016  

Week days: alarm 4:15am. NO! Coffee Machine ON. Get dressed. Grind & make coffee. Once caffeinated, out door. Ride or run. This is where most of the inspiration comes from. Breakfast + 2nd Coffee. My days are spent drawing, scribbling ideas down, designing products on my computer such as the jerseys, socks, caps. 5 days a week. I also do the 'social media' (facebook and instagram posting) usually to suit my mood. I listen to Triple J, a radio station I have listened to since my art college days. Great music & no adds. I sketch really rough ideas into books and if I think they're good enou... continue reading

Author: Sarina   Date Posted: 20 January 2016  

We wake & ride at 'stupid o'clock' (4:30am ride start) as some invited no-show friends call it. It's dark, cool and no traffic. Perfect conditions. By the time we get down to Botany Bay there's a glorious sunrise. We ride through the Royal National Park. Stop at Otford for a banana and wait for one of our group whose crank has been falling off the entire ride. Velodrama. This is one of the most beautiful rides along the coast to Wollongong, with the magnificent Sky Bridge, rolling hills thru cute little beach suburbs, then there's a bike path that will take you right into the city along the beaches. We jump into a train @ Woolongong for a talk fest all the way back into the city, pedal down to the ferry, over to Manly and cycle home for lunch. Great morning. Then the TRUE test of endurance begins: housework & gardening all afternoon. The ride was the easy part. I road test new Cycology cycling kits out and get my friends to test o... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 4 January 2016  

I thought I'd show you some of our new kit samples -all of these designs are going to be released early 2016. It's been a collaborative effort as I post designs on facebook and get feedback from our friends. Below are our new One Tribe Kits -short sleeve jerseys for men (blue) and women (scarlet) with matching bib knicks. Also men's and women's Long sleeve winter jerseys with matching bib knicks -the women's version (not pictured) is black/slate grey with pink cuffs and collar. Then there is our Vintage inspired range - with a nod to cycling heritage colour combos and designs with a slight twist. Below is the Vintage Eagle ... continue reading

Author: Crash Test Mummy   Date Posted: 22 December 2015  

I was inspired to do this drawing while running along the coast in the pouring rain this morning. I bumped into a friend who was 'power walking'. :) He's a hippy: with a peace sign necklace, long curly hair with a multi-coloured bandana holding it back, mismatching board shorts with a tie dyed tee shirt. I was giggling at his outfit, arm swinging, hip swaying walk and big smiley face. With the word CYCOdelic playing on my mind, I draw a bike and mucked around with one of my repeat designs and can't decide which one I like best. We post a lot of graphics on facebook to get feedback from our extended CYCOLOGY family (friends). It's a democratic process for most designs, we like the interaction and feedback. ... continue reading

Author: Sarina   Date Posted: 22 December 2015  

We get a lot of people asking about our cut & fit. There is NO standard fit or sizing among cycling brands....which does make it hard but everyone SHOULD check our size guide. Measure your favourite fitting cycling garments: jersey, bibs, knicks and measure the crucial measurements. Chest, back length, waist etc and compare them to our size guides for the garments you are interested in. Our performance fabrics are the highest quality, light weight, Italian fabrics with incredible stretch (4 way - every direction) & moisture wicking properties. If you want form fitting cycle wear that fits like a 2nd skin -choose the size closest to your body measurements as these garments will stretch a lot. They are NOT constrictive or uncomfortable in any way. You won't feel them -which is the best experience to have while wearing cycling clothing. If you want a... continue reading

Author: Crash Test Mummy   Date Posted: 20 October 2015  

3 Bandanas to a pack ; Navy Blue 'Philosophy of Flow', White 'Cognitive Therapy' & Black "Living the Dream". Truthfully, I've only reached 82 uses but 101 sounds better. o First and foremost, as a Handkerchief. Environmentally friendly, reusable, looks really cool -better than any other hankie on the market. o Wear under helmet or hat to keep sun off & soak up sweat (as modeled by Bo) ... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 3 March 2015  

Almond & Honey Muffins. SO easy & quick to make. A beautiful moist energy packed muffin or cake to take on long training rides or as a treat after a long training session. Ingredients: 2 cups of ground almonds (360gms) Walnuts. pecans, hazlenuts ground in blender have also been used with great success! 1/3 cup coconut oil (60gms) 3 eggs beaten. A good slurp of Pure Vanilla Essence 2/3 cup of honey (200gms) 1/2 tsp baking soda Mix and pour into paper lined muffin tin. Bake in a mod oven 180degrees for 20-25 mins. 45-60mins for a cake (double recipe).... continue reading

Author: sarina   Date Posted: 3 March 2015  

Blend 200gms Dates to a paste then add 300gms of water and cook until soft (5-10 mins). Add: 2 tsps of Bicarb of Soda. ... continue reading

Author: Training buddy   Date Posted: 9 September 2014  

Product review of "ultra light backpack" branded "Cycology" Testing was conducted 14-9-2014 Sydney, Australia at sea level plus 18m at 23 degrees celsius at 1013.25 millibars I received my ultra light Cycology backpack and was immediately impressed with the tinyness of the unit. It was the size of a small pork sausage and its weight was about that of an ostrich feather. The colour black was great as it matched the sole rubber on the bottom of my shoes. Removing the unit from its pouch brought back memories of my wife giving birth to our first child, it was a lot of pushing and pulling for hours with incredible... continue reading

Author: administrator   Date Posted: 4 August 2014  

400gms (@ 3 cups) of dried & de-seeded dates 100gms (@ 1 cup) walnuts 30gms (@ 4 Tbsp) Cacao powder ... continue reading

Author: administrator   Date Posted: 1 August 2013  

You've heard all about Man Caves: Temples of religious worship for everything blokey & Testosterone loaded. Bikes, bicycle parts an odd car or two, tools, grease, lube, TV, beer fridge, tattered & stained old lounge. Here's a compilation of the Female Equivalent. Dream sanctuaries, gleaming state-of-the-art bicycle/s, collections of helmets, jerseys, gloves, colorful running shoes, rows of goggles, swimmers, running shorts, tights in very color, fitness equipment, stretch mats, videos (chick flicks, yoga, stretch, sufferfest cycling) and a fresh juice ba... continue reading

Author: Cycology   Date Posted: 29 May 2012  

I make these fruit/nut/seed balls in a Thermomix which is a powerful blender. This is a great combo but any dried fruits, nuts and seeds can be used. I tend to use a 2:1 ratio of dried fruit to nuts. Throw 2 cups of dates into your blender and blend until all mashed up. It will form a big sticky ball. Add 1 cup of nuts and blend again. Add 2 x 30gm scoops of Chia seeds & quickly blend again. Roll into small balls then roll these in shredded or desiccated coconut. Store them in a container in the fridge. The kids take them to school as healthy, nutritious snacks and I tak... continue reading