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We feel quite honoured when people ask if they can ink our designs permanently on themselves. It is the greatest compliment an artist could wish for. All we ask in a photo of the tattoo. Here are just some of the designs we have been sent. We love them. Axel Anka Heart & Soul Blood, Sweat & Gears DNA... continue reading

Ingredients : 250gms reduced fat cream cheese, 100gms (1/2 cup) brown sugar, Juice (roughly 1/4 up) and zest/grated rind of small 2 lemons, 100gms (1/2 cup) Wholemeal plain flour, 1 cup chopped dried dates, 1/2 cup chopped Almonds,1/2 cup chopped dried Apricots, 1 cup muesli. Method : mix cheese, sugar, flour & lemon juice together in blender.... continue reading

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These are a favourite. 100gms butter or oil. 100gms dark brown sugar. 2 eggs. ... continue reading

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The Man Cave is a reverred & usually hidden away dungeon, attic, garage or shed. It is a whispered-about space for men to store prized posessions, where they can escape the stresses of every day life, relax, contemplate life, fix/wreck/ruin/clean & build stuff . A place to set up sweaty, rusty torture chambers where they can train on rollers, do weights, drink beer or coffee, listen to music of their taste without fear of derisive comments and watch TV or computer screens. These are u sually sacred places women don't touch, interfere with and are not invited to. The Man Cave is where they feel most comfortable and can hang out with other men and do secret men's business. They vary in organisation & tidiness. Below are photos of a wide variety of Man Caves, ideas to inspire & motivate you to create your own space. ... continue reading

A beautiful Spring Sydney Sunday morning. One crazy Backpack tester with an ipad with the route map app (google Seven Bridges Walk). The other sensible runner with camelpack, food, drink and gopro. It's a nice run with a mix of city and bush. I really enjoyed the last part with some bush tracks. It's 27kms, 7 major bridges and a few small ones. Here's some of the best views: ... continue reading

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Easy, no bake, healthy energy balls . 2 cups puffed Rice 1 cup of oats or raw muesli blended until a fine flour-like consistency 1/4 cup tahini 1/4 cup honey 1/2 tsp vanilla essence Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Microwave the tahini & honey in a glass jug for about 30 seconds and mix well also adding the vanilla. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir until everything has been incorporated -it will look crumbly. Wet hands and roll into balls. *Optional: you can roll them in sesame seed. Store in a container in the fridge. They'll go harder when cold. These energy balls taste like Halva -they're better for you with the rice, oats & honey.... continue reading

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What to wear cycling depends totally on the weather plus length & type of ride -for comfort. This is meant to be enjoyable -and being comfortable helps a lot. Cyclists constantly check the forecast and satellite imagery for rain. Any chance of rain and cooling temps, pack a vest or rain jacket and leg or armwarmers if needed. Cold weather is totally about layering and wind/waterproof garments. Feet & hands we wear double layers. A Cycology fleece beanie under our helmet keeps head and ears warm. Extreme cold: a balaclava or Buff can be pulled up over your face to keep lips and nose from freezing. Woollen socks and water/wind proof shoe covers. Gloves: a set of thin glove liners -the same as ski glove liners with a pair of neoprene outer gloves or thick winter water/wind proof gloves. Winter jackets (soft shell fabrics, wind proof on the chest and arms with high n... continue reading