• Headscribbler @ Cycology

    Headscribbler @ Cycology

A day in the life of the Cycology Artist.

Week days: alarm 4:15am. NO!
Coffee Machine ON.
Get dressed. Grind & make coffee. Once caffeinated, out door.
Ride or run. This is where most of the inspiration comes from.

Breakfast + 2nd Coffee.

My days are spent drawing, scribbling ideas down, designing products on my computer such as the jerseys, socks, caps. 5 days a week.

I also do the 'social media'  (facebook and instagram posting) usually to suit my mood.

I listen to Triple J, a radio station I have listened to since my art college days. Great music & no adds.

I sketch really rough ideas into books and if I think they're good enough - draw them up properly.

The designs were initally always for tees, then we started making the jerseys...then the full cycling kits.

Photos of some pages outta the sketch book. Messy, I know. It's just quick ideas. brain storming all on my own.

I play around on a computer for hours laying out designs such as the socks below.

The hardest part for us is trying to get the products made! So far, we're still trying to get the socks to a standard we're happy with.

All good things take time....and we've got quite a backlog of designs to make up.  


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