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  • Unique Cycle Clothing - the process from start to finish

    Unique Cycle Clothing - the process from start to finish

For years cycling apparel meant floppy clothes in terrible colour combos plastered with corporate logos on cheap fabrics.

I refused to wear that sort of gear -and made my own. When our customers started asking for cycling kit we leapt into the unknown and produced our first cycling jersey with one of my artworks on it. Our Cycology Performance range of cycling clothing was born. We realised Cycology would be one of the first designer, premium, hand drawn & designed fitness apparel brands. It was a little bit scary.

When you purchase & wear a Cycology garment, you are the proud owner of a unique & original artwork that not many other brands can produce. Every garment, all of our fabrics, the chamois, the stitching - is carefully thought out, worn & tested on road and trail, modifed until we're happy with it and all feedback from our customers is considered and taken into account.
Here is our design process.

Artwork & Design:

I have a lot of sketchbooks in which I scribble & sketch literally 1000's of drawings and wording. Inspiration usually comes while riding or running - training buddies & conversations often provide fodder for drawings. One of our best selling tees 'Cognitive Therapy' is a drawing of my bike surrounded with all the stuff we say to each other while training. 'Bike Recipe' below is straight from a sketch book, drawn while talking to my friend Bernie about what makes Italian bikes so beautiful and the idea that there MUST be a recipe to follow. :)

These drawings are posted on our social media pages (facebook & Instagram) as finished drawings or rough sketches. If there is enough interest in them (likes) they go into production as screen prints on tee shirts. If they're successful as tees we then also consider making them into Performance gear: cycling jerseys, cycling bib shorts, long sleeve jerseys, shorts (knicks), tights........our list of products is growing.

Performance Wear Design

I hand draw the designs & repeat patterns for each section of our garments. I photograph the drawings, lay them out on my computer in Photo Shop onto each garment piece.
We have worked very hard to get a beautiful fit and use the best Italian performance fabrics, chosen for their incredible stretch, breathabilty & sweat wicking properties for total comfort. Seams are flat stiched so nothing will rub, chafe or cause discomfort. Reflective safety tape and zippered pockets are on each jersey.

I design each and every part: labels, swing tags and packaging. Our high quality chamois are printed with a hand drawn design -full of inspiration & humor. This is what a Women's Cycling Jersey looks like (below) - laid out on the pattern pieces, just like a jigsaw puzzle.


Sampling & Production.

At least 6-9 months, sometimes much longer......we talk about new products usually over lunch or coffee and begin drawings. We have to source fabrics plus all the extra little bits and pieces which will make our garments uniquely 'Cycology', make the patterns & samples. Once we have the samples we wear, test, wash & dry garments. There are usually modifications to get it all right then when we're happy with everything - the garment goes into 'Production'. It ALWAYS takes longer than we ever expect. Once we have the finished product, it has to be photographed and finally goes into our 'store' and we let everyone know by email newsletter first and then our social media pages.

Designer & Artist


Some of the products I'm working on currently....

  • We have a dozen new cycling caps with great designs printed on them, due sometime soon....
  • Gillets (windproof vests)
  • Socks, lots of cycling socks with designs and colour
  • Cycling gloves
  • Tights: for ALL activities including: cycling, running, yoga......
  • Women's sports bras
  • Cycling jackets
  • MORE underwear
  • More cycling clothing of all sorts :) jerseys, bibs, shorts
  • More hoodies

PS: I need a designer to help me with my workload.:) If you have experience designing sportswear, can create seamless patterns (from my drawings) & talent with packaging me.

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